Stock Plants

Over 100 Plant Species In Stock

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We maintain a wide variety of stock plants at both our Auckland nursery locations, covering approximately 100 different species of native and exotic plants. Exact levels of stock plants will vary depending on demand and seasonal variations. Please contact us for current availability.

Stock Plants


Ajuga reptans

Ajuga reptans has runners that spread across the surface of the ground forming a low-growing ground cover 10 cm tall with flower spikes up to 24 cm tall.


Dianella nigra

Dianella nigra, an NZ native, is noted for its magnificent bright blue berries that arise during summer from small inconspicuous white flowers with yellow stamens. The berries when squeezed produce an ink-like juice hence it is sometimes called Inkberry.


Kunzea robusta

Kunzea ericoides (Kanuka) has light brown bark, small needle-like leaves and has smaller flowers and seed capsules than its close relative, Manuka.


Lobelia pratia angulata

Lobelia pratia angulata (Panakenake) is a is fast growing wide spreading groundcover, found throughout New Zealand. It prefers damp situations. It has small lush rounded leaves and masses of white flowers from spring onwards.


Myoporum laetum

Myoporum laetum (Ngaio) is a typically coastal tree that grows up to 10m tall. The yellow-green to green leaves are spotted with white to yellow glands. White flowers develop in October through to January.


Phormium tenax

Phormium tenax (Harakeke of NZ Flax) large common flax forming robust clumps of broad, green leaves. Excellent low shelter and erosion control.



Rosemary originates from the Mediterranean but adapts well to colder climates Dryness suits rosemary, so well-drained soil and sunshine will be best.