Native Plant Regeneration

We’re creating a greener Auckland

Replacing what’s been lost over time

Native plant regeneration is about replacing what has been lost over time. By recreating natural wetland environments within Auckland’s urban sprawl, this ecological restoration effort means cleaner waterways for a greener Auckland.

Like so many countries around the world, New Zealand has experienced rapid change over the last 180-or-so years. A sharp increase in population has led to increased agriculture, deforestation and a 90% loss of our natural wetland environments. The good news is that we as a nation have become acutely aware of our responsibilities to the environment and are committed to bringing back our native flora wherever we can. At Signature Plants we’re proud to be a part of the solution in Auckland. For nearly a decade we’ve specialised in growing native species such as manuka, kanuka and various wetland grasses, trees and shrubs.

Regeneration in Practice

These plants are often used at various stages of Auckland’s new residential subdivisions where other The Plant People divisions are also involved.

For example, the Construction division at our sister company, The Plant People, may have completed a stormwater pond to capture rainwater runoff within a new development. As part of our collective approach to environmental impact reduction, these ponds are multi-purposed as wetland areas that provide a home to wildlife and a recreational park to new residents.

Once The Plant People’s construction crew have completed the stormwater pond, pathways, boardwalks and pedestrian bridges, their landscape crew will plant these areas with native plants and wetland species from Signature Plants that support clean waterways and promote healthy, green environments.