Project Description

Alternative Names:

  • Carpet Bugle
  • Bugle
  • Blue Bugle
  • Bugle Herb
  • Bugleweed
  • Carpetweed
  • Carpet Bungle Weed
  • Brown Bugle
  • Common Bugle
  • Ajuga

Ajuga reptans is a sprawling, perennial, stoloniferous, herbaceous flowering plant native to Europe, Iran, SW Asia. The plant has runners that spread across the surface of the ground forming a low-growing ground cover 10 cm tall with flower spikes up to 24 cm tall. The purplish-blue flowers are crowded into a spike formed of about six or more rings of whorls, generally six flowers in a whirl. Ajuga reptans has dark green, obovate leaves (5–8 cm) with purple highlights.


  • Median Height: 24cm tall x 100cm wide
  • Vigourous