Project Description

Wetland Planting: the end result of what Signature Plants has grown

What native regeneration and wetland planting looks like eight years on: this is what we’re aiming for when we say native regeneration and wetland development. As a means to reduce our collective environmental impact, Auckland’s new residential developments are turning their stormwater ponds into wetland areas.

Planted with grasses and other natives from Signature Plants, here’s an example of successful wetland regeneration at North Shore’s Long Bay residential development. This provides a home to wildlife, and offers a recreational area to the public. The plants filter stormwater runoff before it makes its way into our waterways and eventually, into the sea.

Signature Plants are proud to be part of these efforts to lessen our environmental impact and improve our ecosystems for future generations.

As you can see in the gallery below, after eight years the areas look so well established it’s as if they’ve always been there. That’s a success story in our books and a real win for Auckland’s environment.

In addition to wetland regeneration, our plants can be found lining the streets at Long Bay, providing a natural, green and beautiful residential suburb.